Our wide range of products include pourable and stiff Hand cleansing Gels with or without beads, natural or synthetic pearly or non pearl Soaps and economical but effective Powder variants. These are all available in various colours and fragrances.

Recent new additions to our established range are a modern anti-bacteria hand soap, which contains active substances that are currently being assessed under the Biocidal Products directives and also our our luxury Boraxo GT Mousse, which is an all natural creation.


We offer a mind boggling array of Shampoos, body washes and conditioners in many colours, fragrances and styles, also available with essential oils and vitamin additives to care for and nourish both skin and hair.


A variety of Barrier protection and reconditioning creams are catered for in tubs and dispensable grades. Handy squeezy bottles and dispensers/cartridge packs are available.


Industrial and institutional cleaners and degreasers are provided for with a selection of different floor cleaners, degreasers, Hard surface cleaners and washing up liquids of various strengths and colours. We also manufacturer a variety of machine dishwashing and glass cleaning fluids, as well as rinse aid agents. Disinfectants are available in Floral, Pine and un-fragranced blends.


An assortment of Vehicle maintenance cleaners are available for the haulage and valeting industries in an array of dilution levels, from ready to use, up to a highly concentrated and aggressive 500:1 formulation. We also make after wash rinses, screen washes additives and upholstery cleaners, to name but a few products from the range.